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Welcome to Healing Cloud Research GPT Tools

Healing Cloud Research is dedicated to developing artificial intelligence for good. Below you will find some of our customized GPT models that may be helpful for your work.

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This webpage was created by Healing Cloud Research with guidance from Richard D. Fortune and Gisette Brown of Healing Cloud Day Spa.

Customized GPT Models:

Quantum leap analytics
Solario Therapy
Wzo Results
Nocturnal Nexus

Healing cloud WAF

Champ Chomp

Clout X

Healing Cloud Diagnostics

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While these customized GPTs were developed with care, Healing Cloud Research and our partner organizations cannot guarantee the accuracy of all responses. Any data or information entered is at your own risk. Healing Cloud Research, GDB Legal, and Healing Cloud Day Spa make no warranty and shall have no liability for any use made of the GPT models or any results obtained. For medical, legal or financial advice, please consult licensed human professionals.

SOLARIO Therapy Custom GPT Privacy Policy
Effective Date: [19/01/2024]

Welcome to SOLARIO Therapy, a custom GPT model available in the GPT Store. Our commitment to your privacy is crucial, especially considering the unique nature of our astrology-based wellness service. This Privacy Policy explains how we handle data in relation to SOLARIO Therapy's operations within the GPT Store framework.

1. No Personal Data Collection
User Interactions
Anonymity: All interactions with SOLARIO Therapy through the GPT Store are anonymous. We do not collect, store, or process any personal information from users.
No Personal Data Required: Users are not required to provide personal data such as birth dates, names, or contact information.
Customized Responses
General Information: SOLARIO Therapy generates responses based on general astrological knowledge and wellness principles. Personalized advice is based on hypothetical or anonymized scenarios, not on individual user data.
2. Data Security and Confidentiality
Platform Compliance
GPT Store Policy: SOLARIO Therapy adheres to the privacy and security policies of the GPT Store. We ensure compliance with their standards for data protection.
No Data Retention: As a custom GPT model, we do not retain any user-specific data post-interaction. All sessions are stateless and anonymous.
User Discretion
Responsibility: Users are advised to refrain from sharing personal, identifiable information during interactions with SOLARIO Therapy.
Best Practices: We encourage users to focus on general questions and avoid specifics that could potentially identify them.
3. Use of Information
Service Improvement
Non-Personal Data: SOLARIO Therapy uses general interaction data (non-personal and non-identifiable) to improve the service, such as refining response accuracy and enhancing the user experience.
No Sharing or Selling
Confidentiality: Any data, even non-personal, collected during interactions is not shared with or sold to third parties.
4. User Consent and Control
Voluntary Interaction
Consent: By interacting with SOLARIO Therapy, users agree to this Privacy Policy. However, they have full control over the extent of the information shared during the session.
No Obligation: Users can cease interaction at any point without any consequences.
5. Changes to the Policy
Updates: This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our practices or regulatory requirements. Users are encouraged to review it regularly.
Contact Us
For questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us through the GPT Store's provided channels.

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