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Healing Cloud Research is dedicated to developing artificial intelligence for good. Below you will find some of our customized GPT models that may be helpful for your work.

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Quantum Leap Analytics Privacy Policy with TraderMade API Integration
Effective Date:[19/01/2024]

Welcome to Quantum Leap Analytics, a custom GPT model designed for advanced market analysis using Quantum Leap techniques and integrated with TraderMade API for real-time market data access. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and protecting your data. This Privacy Policy explains our practices in managing the information you share with us.

1. Data Collection and Purpose
Personal and Market Data
Information Collected: We collect data required for market analysis, including your TraderMade API key and any queries related to market data.
Purpose: This data is used to provide advanced market analysis and fetch real-time market data via the TraderMade API.
API Key and Data Queries
API Key Security: Users are prompted to enter their TraderMade API key securely. This key is used solely to fetch data from the API.
Query Collection: We collect and interpret user queries for market data to perform accurate and tailored market analysis.
2. Data Use and Confidentiality
Use of Data
Market Analysis: Collected data, including API keys and market queries, is used exclusively for providing market analysis and fetching relevant market data.
No Unauthorized Use: Data is not used for any purposes other than specified.
Data Protection: We ensure strict confidentiality of your API keys and market queries.
Secure Practices: Quantum Leap Analytics employs robust security measures to prevent unauthorized data access or disclosure.
3. Data Storage and Retention
Secure Storage: All data, including API keys and queries, is stored securely.
Access Restriction: Access to data is strictly limited to authorized personnel.
Retention Policy: Data is retained only as long as necessary to provide market analysis services.
Data Deletion: Data is securely deleted when no longer needed or upon user request.
4. User Rights and Control
User Rights
Access and Correction: Users have the right to access and correct their data.
Right to Deletion: Users may request the deletion of their data, including API keys, at any time.
User Responsibility
Secure Key Management: Users are responsible for the safekeeping of their TraderMade API keys.
5. Policy Updates
Revisions: This Privacy Policy may be updated to reflect changes in our data practices. Users are encouraged to review it periodically.
Contact for Inquiries
For any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or data handling practices of Quantum Leap Analytics, please contact us through the provided communication channels.

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