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Stellar Complete Physique Enhancement Package

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custom configured from 30 mins to day session.

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Consultation and Assessment Services

Initial Consultation: A discounted one-on-one meeting to discuss goals and explain the package details.

Fitness Assessment: Evaluation of your current fitness level to tailor the enhancement plan effectively.

Body Sculpting Technologies

Ultra Sound Cavitation: A non-invasive service that reduces fat cell volume using high-frequency sound waves.

Radio Frequency (RF) Treatments: Skin tightening and collagen production stimulation for improved skin texture.

Laser Lipo: Targeted fat reduction using laser technology to disrupt fat cells.

EMS High Intensity: Electrical muscle stimulation to increase muscle strength and definition.

Nutritional Services

AI-Powered Nutritional Planning: Real-time meal planning using data from personal biometric devices, ensuring optimal nutrition throughout the program.

SOLARIO Dietary Guidance: Astrologically-informed nutritional advice to align eating habits with cosmic rhythms for better health outcomes.

Metabolic and Biometric Analysis

Metabolic Optimization: In-depth analysis including Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and activity levels to tailor the program to your body’s specific needs.

Biometric Tracking: Ongoing measurement of body composition metrics to monitor and adapt the enhancement process.

SOLARIO Therapy Integration

Astrological Fitness Alignment: Customized fitness regimen based on your astrological profile for improved results.

Energetic Timing for Diet and Exercise: Scheduling of workouts and nutrition plans to coincide with favorable astrological periods.

Recovery Alignment with Lunar Cycles: Planning of rest and recovery phases in sync with lunar patterns for enhanced recuperation.

Cost and Package Details

Total Package Cost: A comprehensive fee for the complete suite of services and technologies provided in the package.

Session Scheduling: Flexible timing for the 12-session program designed to maximize treatment efficacy and convenience.

By integrating these services, the Stellar Complete Physique Enhancement Package provides a multi-faceted approach to physique improvement, combining the best of modern technology, AI intelligence, and ancient astrological wisdom.

To learn more or to schedule your initial consultation, please contact our clinic. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal physique goals with a package that is as unique as you are.

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